Rte 93 Highway Lighting

This project involved the replacement of the existing highway lighting system on Route I-93, including exit ramps, between Rt95 in Woburn and Roosevelt Circle in Medford. The new highway lighting system included 7 new lighting load centers, 9 – 100ft High mast towers and 6 – 115ft high mast towers with new foundations, 148 new… Continue reading Rte 93 Highway Lighting

Rte 2 Highway Lighting

Lighting improvements to the Route 2 Mainline and Ramps beginning in Cambridge at Alewife Brook Parkway and ending in Lexington. The project includes, 4 new lighting load centers, 3 high mast towers with new foundations, installation of 211 new light poles with LED luminaries, over 60 rock sockets drilled into ledge for foundation installation, 4… Continue reading Rte 2 Highway Lighting

Variable Message Signs & Over Height Vehicle Detectors for Tunnel System

Communication and Electronic Sign System Upgrades and Replacements along Interstates 90 & 93, and ramps which connect to the tunnel system in the City of Boston. This project consists of the replacement of 10 Variable Message Signs (VMS) and portal closure traffic signals. Replacement of 10 Over Height Vehicle Detectors (OHVD) and warning system. The… Continue reading Variable Message Signs & Over Height Vehicle Detectors for Tunnel System

Blue Hill Ave Traffic Signal Upgrades

This project consists of traffic signal reconstruction, intersection improvements, traffic signal timing and signal interconnect improvements along Blue Hill Avenue and Warren Street in Boston. Five intersections were completely rebuilt including new mast arms, mast arm foundations, signal posts, conduit, vehicular and pedestrian signals. Over 3 miles of fiber optic cable and 30-pair interconnect cable… Continue reading Blue Hill Ave Traffic Signal Upgrades

Massport Seaport

The project consisted of replacing 10 traffic signal mast arms and foundations at various locations in the Seaport District of Boston. The work involved implementation of temporary traffic control for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Removal of signals and mast arms. Partial demolition and structural repair of existing mast arm concrete foundations. Installation of new mast… Continue reading Massport Seaport